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"I bought my first bottle of Empower while in Newport, Oregon, in August. It has helped with neuropathy, shingles, and gout pain. It’s a miracle. I no longer have to use Aleve, Advil, Tylenol, or Vicodin on a daily basis and my liver says thank you. I am 74 years old and would never smoke cannabis but to roll it on is easy and non-habit forming. I’m a changed woman."  - Sandra Bongiorno


"I've never seen any product give you more for your dollar! Not only 100% natural, but 100% effective 100% of the time! I recommend Empower topicals to everyone I know who would benefit from it." - Michael Ryan


“I suffer from Endometriosis, and most days the pain is so severe that I can hardly walk.  After getting my first bottle of Empower White Label, I did what it said, and put it where it hurt.  Then, within literally seconds, the pain was gone.  It changed my life.  I have spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to just function when my Endometriosis pain has begun, but with Empower I can live my life again.  Thank you so much!”   - Andrea Hogan-Bazemore

“Lower back pain from hell, and worst case of squished disk my lawyer and surgeon had ever seen, and the neck was shaped in a Z formation, so 2 years of physical therapy and surgery had me out of the wheelchair status, but the pain wasn’t gone by a long shot.  I picked up a bottle of the White Label and smeared it on and waited…but not for too terribly long!  The pain fades from screaming, Owwwweeeeee, to a dull roar and then to falling asleep!  This pain has not been helped by Oxycodone or Vicodin.  I took those for years and they never helped the back or the TMJ pain.  White Label helped with both of these!  The other astonishing thing was the Fibromyalgia pain.  I used to suffer from such debilitating migraines and back pain, that I would often spend days and days in bed with lack of energy and a painful body.  Then, after days of bed rest, the soles of my feet would ache when I would try to be on my feet for a half hour or so, but then Id pull out the White Label and rub it on and wait a few minutes, and the aching was gone!  My skin feels great, too! - Cheri Smith


"I can’t keep them in stock in my head shop, HWY 420, in Seaside, Oregon. Folks drive in from all over the north coast to get the Empower CBD-only products!” – Evee Geiger


 “I am a major fan of treating my knee pain with cannabis topicals.  What is amazing about the Empower CBD oil roll-on is that it can really help relieve my knee pain while also passing through the TSA screening process!  At 1 oz., this is the perfect travel accessory for those with joint pain looking for a natural remedy that actually works!” - Becky garrison


“I have been using Empower products for a couple of years now and have experienced real results, and as a huge skeptic of “cure all’s,” that is saying a lot.  Ive suffered from Fibrocystic breast pain, knots in my neck, and skin condition for many years and have gotten relief from all three issues with the Empower White Label.  It works quickly to soothe the pain and inflammation and you can use it as much as you need!  I love it. – Laura Wallace


I am an old athlete who works with many younger amateur and professional athletes.  When I discovered Empower it was a blessing.  I will not stop competing, so joint pain due to an old injury or just overwork will not go away.  Empower Oil improves range of motion and muscle response because the pain is managed and I believe CBD works on tissue. Trainers and athletes, I work with report similar experiences.  Thank you, Empower for empowering this old athlete. - Lowell Wightman


empower® soaking salts


“The CBD bath salts WORK!  Pain relieved from fibromyalgia...everything smells terrific-she really knows her essential oils!” – Alison Baird


"I can’t keep them in stock in my head shop, HWY 420, in Seaside, Oregon. Folks drive in from all over the north coast to get the Empower CBD-only products!”  - Evee Geiger


"I love your salts. I broke my back a little over a year ago, and have required up to three muscle relaxers a day since the fall. If I use your soaking salts, I don't need the muscle relaxers at all for up to 36 hours. It's incredible, it completely stops my muscle spasms and relieves the pain. The scent is light, but pleasant, and it adds to the relaxing experience. Also, I have really sensitive skin and it's rare that a bath product doesn't make me break out. This product works on my skin. I cannot recommend these products highly enough." – Stefanie Mezigian


"I'm a massage therapist and I like to try out my products before suggesting them to my clients and your bath salts are amazing! I compared it to Dr. Teals relaxing salts the day before I received y'all's and wow the difference is amazing. I felt like it went deeper and I wasn't aching like I did with the other salts. Absolutely love Empower Soaking Salts!"  - Marisol Marquez

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empower® topical relief lotion

After years of abuse on my body from competitive dancing, I find myself in constant pain.  I refuse to take NSAIDS or anything over the counter.  The only things that help my back and hip pain are stretching and deep tissue massage, but it is an everyday struggle.  I was recently handed a bottle of the Empower Topical Relief Lotion, and asked to try it.  I rolled my eyes, but reluctantly agreed.  I first noticed how much I loved the smell, but then it happened. I rubbed it on my back & hips.  It was a challenging day and within 35 seconds I felt relief.  I was astounded I have never had anything work that quickly.  I was immediately sold, and I now use it consistently for any pain that may pop up.  A month later, I feel like I can use less to get the same amazing reaction.  I cannot recommend this product enough – you will not be disappointed." - Jennifer Vickery


"I’ve been using Empowers Lemon Verbena Topical Relief Lotion 1-2x’s daily for the past two months to help with spasms in my shoulder. It’s cooling effect is very helpful to calm down nerves, especially before bed. By applying the lotion to painful areas, it’s helped me to fall asleep at night. The nerve pain calms down and I’m able to rest.  I also use the lotion on my neck and hands. The smell is simply amazing and reminds me of Lemon Cream Pie. I was looking for a lemon lotion for a long time that I could enjoy wearing and Empowers is perfect. The lotion’s aroma makes me happy + is very uplifting. Perfect for daily use. Thank you for making a lotion that I can enjoy anywhere anytime! P.S. Being vegan, I am thrilled that Empower products are also vegan."– Laura Berry 




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